Who We Are

The Machado Family Farm is a unique business, to say the least. When you think of a farm the last thing that comes to mind is clean, but here we are a farm that also makes soaps, and candles and a lot of other things. The farm is a combination of Joseph and Alexa's Machado's passions, they both share a love for animals which is where the farm animals come in.

The farm is located in Lakeland Florida (That is about halfway between Orlando, and Tampa) and home to many goats, pigs, ducks, rabbits and others! They are constantly adding new animals to the farm and a lot of them are rescues. The Farm animals allow for amazing experiences at the farm. The farm is going to be used to offer educational and enrichment programs for Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and other special needs or underprivileged groups. By giving people the opportunity to interact and learn about animals up close they can gain a new appreciation for them and the world involved with taking care of them. 

Alexa is the more crafty of the two and started the soap and candle section of the business, however, Joseph has definitely taken a liking to do it and helps the best he can. All of the soaps and candles are made on the Farm by Alexa, Joseph, or one of the helpers we have one the farm! Right now the soaps, candles, and other home goods are used to support the farm as Alexa works on them full time at home while Joseph still has a day job. They are always working on adding new and exciting things to the store and working on providing new content on social media! They even have a YouTube Channel where they share a lot of their animals and creative process online.  

The two are working hard to make the world a better place, one cute animals photo, and soap at a time!