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How we make our candles and wax melts!
We wanted to take a few minutes to explain to everyone the process we go through to make each of the candles and wax melts that you see for sale. We spend countless hours working to make sure every candle is perfect and will make your whole room smell precisely as advertised and to do so we use only the highest quality raw materials we can find.
First Up Our Raw Materials:
Let's Start by talking about our Wax, as wax is one of the most critical parts of the candle and we only use the best quality wax we can find. Currently, we use wax from a company based in Canada. They supply tons upon tons of wax to multiple industries all around the world, and we use one of their best candle waxes. We picked the wax we use because of the fantastic colors it produces as well as the waxes ability to hold fragrance exceptionally well. This choice in wax results in a candle that not only looks amazing but can create a consistent strong aroma.
Next, let's talk about the Fragrance because that is what makes the candle smell so great. We use a company based in North Carlina for all of our supplies, and they produce the various fragrance oils that we use in the creation of our candles. We love working with this company for a lot of reasons, but mostly because no one produces consistent quality of raw materials, then they do. All of the Fragrances we use are also tested internally by us to ensure that they will perform to our standards and any changes in wax to fragrance ratios can be perfected.
The same company also produces our wicks. The wicks are designed to deliver a steady flame that will create an even consistent burn. They are designed to work with the size of the container we use. The wick allows for an optimal balance of both even burning, and length of burn.
The jars and lids we use for our candles are all made in the USA. While the wax comes from a company in Canada every other aspect of our candle are produced here is the USA, and all of the candles are hand poured in Lakeland Florida by our owners and staff. We picked the jars and lids we use to create a candle that not only looks beautiful in our home but will serve as a vessel to the other raw materials and allow them to function in optimal conditions.
In short, every raw material that goes into these candles are carefully picked for quality both individually, and how they will work together as a finished product.
How it all comes together!
Our raw materials first arrive at the Farm on pallets and the journey starts!
We first go through every box to check the shipment and ensure everything arrived undamaged. After we have verified the shipment and sorted everything out, we can start the process of making candles!
The first step to making candles is to prepare the jars with wicks and wick holders. We use a unique device to ensure the wick are consistently placed in the middle of each candle using a specially designed wick sticker. Once the wick is attached to the jar, we use a metal device to hold the wick precisely straight, so when we pour the wax into the candle, it is in the optimal position for an even burn.
We create all of our candles in small batches. We melt down 60 oz of wax at a time over a stove. Once the wax is melted and reaches a temperature of 185 degrees, we add the dye chips to the wax to give it the desired color. After the dye chips have melted completely, we take the wax off the burner and add in the fragrance oils that have been previously measured out to the right wax to the fragrance ratio for the fragrance we are making. We then let the wax cool to the optimal pour temperature of 150 degrees. This process can take some time but is critical to achieving the perfect look for the candles. Once the wax is at 150 degrees, we pour the wax into the candles. One batch will make four jar candles, and a few wax melts. Then we clean out the melting container and do it all over again!
After all of the candles have cooled we clean up any wax that may have spilled during the pouring process and get the candles ready to be labeled. We attach a warning label on the bottom of the candle then a branding label to the side. We also do a similar process for the wax melts with the warning label being on the inside of the container and the branding label on the outside. After we let have everything labeled, we cut the wick to the optimal level, and the candles and wax melts are ready to be shipped.

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